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What is the ABA?

The ABA is a fully simulated basketball league created by GPS for The Alien Boy community. The league is entering its 4th season with 90 teams across 3 divisions and over 500 players in the league. Teams are comprised of 5 players each. The game format is 100 possessions split into 25 possession quarters. A select number of games are streamed live on discord in The Alien Boy Discord server each week. Participants have the ability to own players and teams.

What if my player isn't good?

There are stat reroll opportunities at the beginning of each season. Typically there are free and paid options for these rerolls. It is also important to remember that the assigned stat numbers don’t always tell the full story of the player and can sometimes be misleading. In order to see the full potential of your player it is important to also look at the stats they put up in a game. There are also ways to earn fans for your players. The Alien Doogle collection also has jersey traits and can be used to earn boosts for Boys and Girls. You can sign them up to participate in off stream 1v1 matchups.

Do I have to attend games?

You do not need to attend the live stream of the games. Your players will still play whether you are there or not. The game stats are always posted after the games are finished and you can view them at anytime. Sometimes incentives are offered for attendance, but it is by no means required to be competitive.

What do I get for winning?

If you manage to win one of the divisions you will receive a percentage of the community token prize pool based on what division you win. For Division 1 there are NFT trophies for Champion, MVP, DPOY, and First and Second Team ABA.

How can I get involved?

To join the ABA you will need an Alien Boy or Alien Girl NFT with a basketball jersey trait. You would then need to see if your Boy or Girl is signed up for the league already. If not then there are opportunities to sign new players up throughout the year. Once the player it’s signed up it will receive a stat assignment. The stats are based on NBA seasons and are displayed as 0-100 values across 6 stat categories. The categories are shooting, passing, usage, turnover, rebounding, and defense. After stat assignments you will be a free agent which can be signed to a team throughout the season.

Do I have to like basketball?

Enjoying the game of basketball certainly helps, but you do not need to be a basketball super fan to follow along with the action. It can be a fun competitive experience even having little to no knowledge of the sport. 

Do Power Ballers have extra value?

Yes, they each gain a stat boost according to their power.

The power traits and boosts are:

  • Laser- 10% 3 point boost

  • Night-vision- 10% assist boost

  • Telepathy- 10% steal boost

  • Infrared- 10% turnover reduction

  • Magnetic Field- 10% block boost

  • Electric Thunder- 10% 2 point boost

  • Echolocation- 10% rebound boost

What is player chemistry?

Player chemistry is used to determine the amount of your players fans they can receive a benefit from.

Player Chemistry is calculated based on 3 things:

  1.  % of games played with the team

  2.  % of games played with their teammates

  3.  How long they have kept their stat roll

How can I own a team?

Team auctions will open up periodically for unowned teams. You can participate in these auctions with The Alien Boy community token “Fock”. Team tokens are also listed on Opensea and can be purchased with Ethereum.

What is team ownership?

Team ownership allows full control of a team in the ABA. You can manage your roster throughout the season during transfer windows. You can cut and sign players using the community token “Fock”.

What about ABA UFOs?

The UFOs within The Alien Boy ecosystem that have ABA traits can be used to stop your teams from accruing fatigue throughout the season and in the playoffs. Fatigue will be reflected as negative stat boosts that stack every 5 games. Fatigue tsacks ata a rate of .2% per game. The first UFO can clear 5% fatigue, the second can clear 2.5%, the third can clear 1.25% and so on. You may assign any number of UFOs that you own to a team. Each UFO will provide 2000 fans for your team.

How do stat boosts work?

Stat boosts apply to all stat categories except usage. If a player is rerolled they will forfeit half of their stat boost if they have earned one. Stat boosts are represented by the amount of fans a player has and their team chemistry percentage. Players can win and lose fans throughout the season. All previous stat boosts that players have gained are being replaced by 1000 fans for each 1% boost.

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