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The Alien Basketball Association

simulated Alien Boy NFT basketball league by gps

ABA Logo.png


The ABA is a fully simulated basketball league created by GPS for The Alien Boy community. The league is entering its 4th season with 90 teams across 3 divisions and over 500 players in the league. Teams are comprised of 5 players each. The game format is 100 possessions split into 25 possession quarters. A select number of games are streamed live on discord in The Alien Boy Discord server each week. Participants have the ability to own players and teams.


The Experience

The ABA transports sports and Alien Boy enthusiasts to an extraordinary universe where basketball takes on an intergalactic twist. In this captivating digital realm, players are invited to envision a world where extraterrestrial beings engage in fierce and exhilarating basketball matchups. With advanced technology and creative imagination at its core, the simulation allows participants to design their own alien teams, complete with otherworldly abilities, and devise strategies that transcend traditional earthly gameplay.

ABA Season Four

  • 90 teams

  • 3 divisions

  • 450 Alien Ballers

  • 30+ team owners

  • 1 eth in treasury

  • $FOCK activations

    Buckle up Boys Szn 4 ABA is here!

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